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    Photoluminescent products  

        Luming®photoluminescent product is developed by our company, and the various forms of photoluminescent products are made of our photoluminescent materials, combining with organic polymer materials or inorganic materials. Such as photoluminescent materials and coating, ink, paint, plastics, printing paste, ceramics, glass, fiber, etc., all kinds of transparent and light-colored medium, the photoluminescent products are made into photoluminescent boards, photoluminescent plastics, photoluminescent paints, photoluminescent fibers, photoluminescent ceramics and other photoluminescent products through a special process. The photoluminescent products present body color in the light and emit different colors in the dark, presenting low-level emergency lighting, indicating and decorative features.Various products are used safely in the fields of daily consumer goods, such asclothing, stationery, watches and clocks, switches, signs, fishing gears, toys, crafts and sports goods. And the applications in the architectural decoration, transportation, military facilities, fire emergency systems, such as exit and entrance signs, escape routesof instruction system.


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